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The bomb. Wooden Coaster

Spice up your coffee table or desk and add some warmth in the space with these handcrafted beautiful custom Maple plywood coasters.
The Bomb. Maple Wood Coaster
The Bomb. Maple Wood Coaster by stylingmadness

The bomb. throw pillows

The perfect complement to your couch. Do you want an instant makeover for your living room? Why don't you add a double-face statement throw pillow (or more).
The bomb. throw pillows
The bomb. throw pillows by stylingmadness

Limited edition. Large Serving Tray

Add some style with this limited edition serving tray! Printed in full color, the serving tray comes in two sizes with a black or natural wood finish. 
limited edition service trays
limited edition service trays by stylingmadness

killin it. Indoor Dog Bed - Small

And last but not least, for your furry friend a plush and comfortable bed so he can cuddle up close to you without hogging yours.

killin it

killin it by stylingmadness

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Have fun!

Konstantina Louka

Designer / Illustrator

Konstantina Louka (A.K.A. Nantia) Is A Designer And A Passionate Illustrator, Who Loves Experimenting With Many Art Techniques.

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