New Illustration Pack available for sale! "The Birds" Illustration Pack

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"The Birds" Illustration Pack

This handcrafted illustration pack, includes three watercolor illustrations, wreaths, banners and three seamless patterns to match. With a variety of file types such as JPG or PNG with transparent background this illustration pack is ready to use.

"The Birds" Illustration Pack includes:
  • 3 x main bird illustrations (PNG, JPG file format)
  • 4 x bird illustration with banners (PNG, JPG file format)
  • 2 solo birds illustrations with transparate background (PNG file format)
  • watercolor wreaths illustrations PNG file format
  • patterns in PNG file format
  • OXYA font (It is also available here:
For more info check here:

Please note that the background and the templates of the presentation are not included in the pack.

I hope you make something cool with it! Enjoy,

Konstantina Louka

Designer / Illustrator

Konstantina Louka (A.K.A. Nantia) Is A Designer And A Passionate Illustrator, Who Loves Experimenting With Many Art Techniques.

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