ONE HUNDRED Wreaths Vector MEGAPack!! only $10

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Hello creative people!

As you know I am working on this floral vector wreath MEGApack for quite some time now. I kept adding new wreaths every few weeks and finally a few days ago I reached my milestone on creating 100 original floral vector wreaths!

I have included round, oval and square floral wreaths after your request. Of course all wreaths are in vector format and I have included in the pack high resolution of PNG files for easy access.

I had a great time making these wreaths and I hope you embrace them and make some awesome designs with them. 

For more information about the product you can find in the links below:

I hope you make something cool with it! Enjoy,

Konstantina Louka

Designer / Illustrator

Konstantina Louka (A.K.A. Nantia) Is A Designer And A Passionate Illustrator, Who Loves Experimenting With Many Art Techniques.

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