What The Duck?!

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Hello people!
Long time no see, a lot of things happened in the few past months. 
Some things were bad, some things were... well ...less bad?
For my first blog post of the year, I will introduce you my new product that sums up the past year:

What the Duck? Two-Tone Coffee Mug
What the Duck? Two-Tone Coffee Mug
by nantialol

What the Duck?

If you are creative person and you like the illustration on the mug, I have good news for you. This illustration is a part of a bundle you can find for sale here: https://crmrkt.com/a9boo and if you like you can use it for commercial purposes.

Happy new year people, happy 2017 and I wish to you all, less "What the Duck" moments,

Konstantina Louka

Designer / Illustrator

Konstantina Louka (A.K.A. Nantia) Is A Designer And A Passionate Illustrator, Who Loves Experimenting With Many Art Techniques.

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